Yep, the fog was out! | CODE: AOP2108-7


Well bugger me! That was a misty morning..... in fact not misty, bloody foggy, and chilly. I walked out the front door and couldn't even see my letterbox!

Anyway, I stacked on layers and went for a little ride along the Safety Beach bay trail to Dromana. I love snapping away in the fog, it's so dramatic and even though my fingers were frozen I managed to get some stella shots. I stopped and made a coffee (thanks to Little Rebel) in the JetBoil at one of the boat sheds while watching the horses wading in the shallows recovering from race day. Then peddle through the Martha Cove Marina and back to base.

Gonna be a sweet day when the fog clears, get out there and enjoy!

Later! // Ash

Boatsheds, Dromana | CODE: AOP2108-1
The man from..... Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2108-5
Race horse recovery | CODE: AOP2108-4
Colour coordinated | CODE: AOP2108-2
Black, no sugar | CODE: AOP2108-3
Fav of the day | CODE: AOP2108-6
Same same, but different | CODE: AOP2108-8
Low visibility | CODE: AOP2108-10
Dancing in the mist | CODE: AOP2108-9
I can usually see the bay from here | CODE: AOP2108-11

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