The Pines, Shoreham Beach | CODE: AOP2110-5

Woo Hoo!,

How'd you all go with a little bit more freedom today? Felt good to get out a little further than usual. We're getting closer!

So, today takes me to stunning Shoreham and I'm not sure what to think of todays shoot. What I expected didn't quite happen the way I wanted it to, however I did manage to get some nice photos. I would have liked more clouds in the sky, a higher tide and some waves, but I guess I had to play the hand I'd been dealt. What a stunning morning though! Managed to get down at the crack of dawn and catch the sunrise before heading back to the car for a coffee (on the JetBoil of course). It got pretty glary after that so I thought i'd play around with some texture photography on the reef. I'm planing on doing something pretty exciting with this so stay tuned.

No surf around the bay today and looks to be small over the coming days so best to try the open beachies if you're planning on a paddle. For the rest of you, we're gonna get wet! A few showers are forecast for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully there's a break between the drizzle to get out and about. Enjoy the weekend with extra freedom!

Adios // Ash

Pink colour pallet | CODE: AOP2110-2
Orange colour pallet | CODE: AOP2110-1
Low tide | CODE: AOP2110-4
Moody | CODE: AOP2110-3
Playing around with textures | CODE: AOP2110-13, 10 & 17
More on this soon, stay tuned! | CODE: AOP2110-19, 18 & 21
Sea grass | CODE: AOP2110-20

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