That Sunset!, Pebble Beach | CODE: AOP2105-13

Evening all,

Just a quick one today, but I thought it was warranted.

The weather played tricks on me throughout this whole day (rain, sun, clouds etc.) and I wasn’t sure whether to get out and take photos or not, but I’m so glad I did. I ended up walking down the cliff at Mt Martha and managed to capture these long exposure sunset shots at Pebble Beach. I got lucky... the weather was good to me for about an hour and these were the last photos I took. The shot below could possibly be my favourite photo I've ever taken. I quite like the composition of the shot and the colours certainly came out to play. I used a couple of Luma Cube lights to light up the water and rocks as it was pretty dark.

BTW, I got pissed on while walking back to the car..... bloody weather!

Scratch ya next time // Ash

One of my favs I've ever taken | CODE: AOP2105-14

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