Dishing out a little spray | CODE: AOP1308-6

G’day all,

I was on my way to work early in the week and got a little deja vu. The wind was howling, the waves were smashing on the Safety Beach shoreline and it was a very familiar sight. Which brings this post all the way back to 2013 when the conditions were similar and there were a few guys out surfing. Don't look at me funny! yeah you heard right, surfing at Safety Beach.

So here's the pics to prove it. These keen grommets would grab their boards and skid lids, run up the jetty, jump off into the white wash, catch a wave, paddle to shore and do it over and over again. They were having an absolute blast and I was stoked to be there to capture it!

How's this weather we're getting at the moment..... wind, rain, sun, hail, warm, cold! Need to pack your whole wardrobe just to go to work. It's looking pretty funky this week too! Bloody grass in the backyard has grown a foot in the last couple of weeks so I'm outta here to get the mower out!

Enjoy the week ahead // Ash

Safety Beach copping a battering | CODE: AOP1308-15
Flippin | CODE: AOP1308-7
Searching for tubes | CODE: AOP1308-9
Wash cycle turned up high | CODE: AOP1308-2
Pumped to get out there | CODE: AOP1308-5
No fisherman today | CODE: AOP1308-3
Waiting for waves | CODE: AOP1308-8
Esky lid | CODE: AOP1308-4
Playing catch up | CODE: AOP1308-10
2 up | CODE: AOP1308-11
Sunshine carving | CODE: AOP1308-12
Sails are out! | CODE: AOP1308-13
Heading out for a couple more | CODE: AOP1308-14
Limited beach space | CODE: AOP1308-1

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