Oh that Sunrise, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-5

G’day all,

Nice morning! I got up super early (birds fart), jumped on the pushy and headed beach bound. The aim was to get to Anthony’s Nose to catch first light and the sunrise, however the light crept up on me quicker than I anticipated and I wasn’t going to make it, so I stopped where I was. Glad I did as the light was amazing and I scored some pretty sweet shots.

Great to see people out there running, walking, horse riding, SUPing and swimming (don’t know how you do it, to bloody cold for me).

So, what’s going on for the weekend? Are you getting your 5km, 2 hours in? Looks like a few scattered showers around but I reckon we might get lucky 1st thing tomorrow morning before the rain hits. Get out there and have a good weekend!

Scratch ya later, Ash

Good morning! Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-4
Prickly views, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-1
Must be a Demons fan, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-6
Dead tree lookout, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-2
The garden view, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-3
Following the golden glow, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-9
He's had his Nutri-Grain, Safety Beach | CODE: AOP2109-8
I've got $20 on the SUP | CODE: AOP2109-10
Morning dip | CODE: AOP2109-7

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