Rons Joint | CODE: AOP2201-10

Happy New Year Ya'll,

Hope you had a great one with plenty of food, plenty of drinks and plenty of fun!

So, i've been missing for a while... apologies for that. I had a few computer issues, then the holiday season crept up on me so I decided to put the camera, computer, ipad etc away and have a break. But now I'm back and have been holding onto this post for a while. I couldn't release these photos before Chrissy as I made a 52 page book out of them as a gift for my Father in Law, Ron. This is his garden and I took these photos last time I was at his house. The aim was to go fishing but I had a bit of a stomach bug and didn't want to be far from the dunny (if ya know what I mean). So photos around the house it was.

Anyway, nestled up on the hill behind the township of Eildon, Victoria, you'll find a house; a house with views that span over the Pondage to the mountains of Murrindindi; a house of native plants and flowers; a house of a great man. This is Rons Joint.

Enjoy the pics. It's not usually my style of photography but I really enjoyed taking them, and with a new lens on the way you might see a few different styles of photography from me this year. Look out!

Hope youse have a great 2022.


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