The Old Car Wreck, Eildon | CODE: AOP2107-7

G’day all,

Check out this sweet ride! I came across it when I was walking through bushland in Eildon. Looks like it's in good working order, just a service and a cut & polish and I reckon she's good to go!

It's a nice walk through the scrub up behind the township in Eildon, worth a look if you're up this way. There's plenty of trails to explore off the fire tracks, but keep alert as there's plenty of Mountain Bikers fanging down the recently refurbished bike trails! Am definitely bringing the pushy up next time as the new bike park look sick!

Anyway the weather is sweet up this way, hopefully the sun is shining on you too!

See youse! Ash

Just a tune up and she's right to go | CODE: AOP2107-8
Mint interior | CODE: AOP2107-11
No radio | CODE: AOP2107-10
Keyless entry | CODE: AOP2107-12
No roadworthy | CODE: AOP2107-9

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