The Cascades | CODE: AOP2103-5

G’day all,

Today I visited a little place called Snobs Creek, sounds like a toffy place for yuppies right! Snobs Creek Falls is a spectacular waterfall located about 20 minutes from Eildon, Victoria.

I woke to what looked like being a nice and mild day, so I got in the car, shorts and tee shirt style, tunes on and headed to the falls. Glad I was sporting appropriate clothing (not) as when I got out of the car shit it was cold. It's a short walk with paths leading from the Cascades through the rainforest to the Falls itself and I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty and amazed by it’s power. Beautiful big rocks surrounded by tall trees and ferns complete the landscape. There’s a viewing platform so close to the falls where you can really feel its energy. I wanted to take a long exposure shot of the falls to give it that frosty motion and I think I achieved that.

If you’re thinking about visiting there’s a windy dirt road in to the falls with limited parking. Just a heads up.... if you’re arriving early, take a jacket as it was surprisingly chilly (as I found out) until the sun appears out of the trees.

Anyway, have a good one! // Ash

The Falls | CODE: AOP2103-1
Frosty Rapids | CODE: AOP2103-4
Cascades in vertical | CODE: AOP2103-6
Could have sat here all day | CODE: AOP2103-3
From the platform | CODE: AOP2103-2

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