Greens Bush, Main Ridge | CODE: AOP2104-5

G’day all,

Woodlands photography is something new to me. I’ve taken a real liking to it and have a lot to learn. It’s like trying to control chaos of the various shapes, textures, sizes and colours you come across to capture something special.

Here’s a few photos I captured on a recent walk through Greens Bush in Main Ridge. Such a beautiful walk that I just scraped the surface of. The trail follows a small creek from the start and the landscape changes to woodlands and then almost rain forest as you get deeper into the walk. I cant wait to explore more of this trail and capture more woodlands photos, hopefully with some fog.

I’ll definitely be back in the woods again soon.

Chat soon // Ash

Would love to get this in the fog | CODE: AOP2104-6
Because I like moss | CODE: AOP2104-3
Contrast | CODE: AOP2104-1
Looks like it should be in an animation movie | CODE: AOP2104-4
That moss just pops | CODE: AOP2104-2

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