Pondage Mist | CODE: AOP2107-5

Welcome to Eildon,

I managed to get away between lockdowns and headed Eildon bound with Caz. Unfortunately no camping which worked out alright as it was bloody cold. Lucky enough Caz's dad lives up there so I was in the comfort of an open fire and sweet views across the Eildon Pondage and Mountains.

Speaking of the Pondage, here's a few snaps. I took off first thing and was greeted by fog, lots of it! and it was thick. I walked the banks for a while and lucky enough the fog cleared for me to get the camera out. Such a serene place when the fog rolls through which made for some pretty nice photos.

Not many people fishing, the odd few braving the cold, but it looks like a pretty sweet weekend weather wise so I expect that to change. Good luck if you're up here flicking a line! Speaking of which, I might go and grab the rod (keep it clean people!).

Till next time, Ash

The Club Rooms, Eildon Footy Oval | CODE: AOP2107-4
Fisherman's Track | CODE: AOP2107-2
Camper's Entry | CODE: AOP2107-3
Foggy Crossing | CODE: AOP2107-1
Pondage Island | CODE: AOP2107-6

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