Mount Martha Estuary | CODE: AOP2106-1


I decided to go for a stroll through the Balcombe Creek Estuary Boardwalk this morning.

It’s located in Mount Martha and is a great little walk through the wetlands and bushland from the beach to the Briars which has plenty of photo opportunities of the scenery and wildlife. The sunrise was amazing! Lots of people out and about and even a couple flicking a line from the banks of the beach. I tell you what though..... the bloody boardwalk was slippery when it was damp, nearly ended up on my arse a few times! Got pretty warm mid morning, had to lose the puffer!

I recommend getting there early in the morning, parking the car at the beach carpark, catching the sunrise, then walking the trail to the Briars carpark and back. Maybe grab a coffee or brekky at the local cafes as well.

I managed to get the drone in the air to filmed a short video to go with these photos which I’ll add below.

Get out there and enjoy your weekend // Ash

Inlet sunrise | CODE: AOP2106-3
Super morning to drop a line in | CODE: AOP2106-2
Taking in the view | CODE: AOP2106-4
Sticky beaking | CODE: AOP2106-5
Steam | CODE: AOP2106-6
The Boardwalk | CODE: AOP2106-7
Wetland Grasses | CODE: AOP2106-8
Unknown Forest | CODE: AOP2106-9


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