The sun setting over Flinders | CODE: AOP2105-8


Wow! What a day, what a place.

Today I explored the stunning coastline at the Flinders Blowhole and there just wasn't enough time in the day. I could have stayed here and taken photos for days, just so much to see.

The Flinders Blowhole is a fantastic walk to explore when visiting the Mornington Peninsula. There are plenty of photo opportunities to the left and right of Elephant Rock with Little Bird Rock, wild surf, a rocky coastline, black sand coves and of course the Blowhole among the highlights. I arrived early arvo and hung around to catch the sunset.

If you’re thinking of visiting this place and wanting to walk along the rocks check your tide guide and make sure you explore on the outgoing tide. The last thing you want is to get caught when the tide comes in. Be safe!

Chow for now! // Ash

Ledge barrels | CODE: AOP2105-4
Heavy soil was cycle | AOP2105-7
Lonely tree | AOP2105-5
Salt water croc | AOP2105-6
Dad getting the shot | AOP2105-3
Sing Hallelujah! | AOP2105-2
Ruggered | AOP2105-1
Elephant Rock | AOP2105-11
Pastels | AOP2105-12
Nice evening for it | AOP2105-10
Little Bird Rock | AOP2105-9

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